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Hi!!!! I'm Morgan, the founder of Light 56. My passion lies in helping fellow busy women find more joy and light in their lives.  Through my accountability programs, I specialize in building happy habits, uncovering intrinsic motivation, and adding a touch of fun with unique challenges. For me, it's all about progress, not perfection, and I'm dedicated to empowering women to embrace this philosophy.

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Feel Light in Body, Mind, Space and Spirit

Light 56 began in 2021, after noticing that the women in my life were struggling with making time for themselves, not achieving their goals (big & small) and struggling to find those "what I do for myself" moments. I wanted to create something that was kind, supportive, judgment free method to have accountability and community support the goal of feeling lighter in body, mind, space and spirit.

Most accountability programs are based on rigid rules, shame and perfectionism which leads to an all or nothing mindset, (and that assumes you even get started!) - it's too hard, unattainable and just no fun!

Light 56 is different! Influenced by Brene Brown, Dr. Michael Gervais, Dr. Daniel Siegel and other experts on mental health, positive parenting and habit building, Light 56 brings together community, accountability and practice in an EASY and KIND way to help you make steady progress towards achieving your goals.

My Current ABCs


20 minutes of walking/hiking

Bright Light

no work in the evening, weekends or holiday break


cold plunge

Make Time for Yourself - Try the Light 56 Framework

It's as easy as ABC! Learn more with the 5-6 Day Mini Challenge which explains the easy ABC method and gives you the tools to get started right away!

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let's build your habits together...

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