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Feeling Light Wheel

Updated: Jan 4

Putting words to feelings can be tricky!

I’ve been obsessed with ✨feeling light✨ for years but I’m still working on articulating what it means to me and through my work with Light 56. I love the classic Feelings Wheel but wanted something the really focuses on the key pillars of Light 56 - Gratitude, Joy, Progress over Perfection, Confidence, Being Anchored and living a Bright Life ✨💕✨

This Feeling Light Wheel will evolve overtime, but in the spirit of progress over perfection I want to share it with you…

A feelings wheel that has 6 colors aligned to six categories of feeling light: Gratitude, Joy, Progress, Confidence, Anchored and Bright. Each section is followed by two sections of words to describe the feelings in more depth. Gratitude - Accepted Accepting Appreciative Awareness Beautiful/Beauty Content Discovery Embracing/Embraced Expressive Generosity/Generous Humble Present Reflective/Reflection Savory Self-Love Thankful wonder Empathetic Cultivating Joy - Amused Create space/room Delight Dreamy Energized Enthusiastic Excited Flow Fun Glow Happiness Open Hearted Optimistic Passionate Playful Sparkly Vibrant Laugh Progress - Becoming Bloom/Blooming Change/Changing Emergence Enriched Flourishing Growth Improvement Mature/Maturity Possibility Prepared Ready/Start shift Slowly Steadiness/Steady Successful Transform/Transformative Unstuck Confident - Aligned Brave Challenged Clarity Courage/Courageous Focused Honored Juicy Proud Respected Secure Stretchy Trust/Trusting Valuable/Valued Whole/Wholeness Wisdom/Wiser Worthy Integrity Perseverance Anchored - Balanced Cozy Ease Gentle/Gentleness Grounded Nurtured/Nurturing Patience/Patient Peace/Peaceful Quiet Regulated Relaxed Relief Rested Rooted Simple/Simplify Tranquil HealthyBright  -  Authentic/Authenticity Compassion Connected Creative curiosity/curious Feminine Graceful Hope/Hopeful Intentional Kind /Kindness Love/Loved/Loving Meaningful Prioritized Sacred Supported Thriving Living Fully
Feeling Light Wheel

My hope is that it will help you put words to the feelings of lightness, both that you’ve experienced and those you would like to have more of in your life.

My word (not necessarily for the year - just in general 😉) is Light and in this particular season I’ve been leaning into Progress, Becoming & Ready.

Would love to hear what resonates with you or what you think is missing!?

I wish vulnerability & magic made the final cut - the original list had more than 250!

A printable version is available as a free download here.

If you'd like to feel lighter, check out the Light 56 signature program - 8 weeks (56 days) of community, accountability, progress with grace and kindness!

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