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Habit Building as Simple as ABC...

Updated: Mar 18

When thinking about building habits we often go all in with challenges that require you to change so many things all at one time. Light 56 is different and uses an ABC model to help build confidence in your ability to stick to a habit for 56 days (A), see the value in doing something for almost 56 days (B) and then giving yourself permission to do something a bit more challenging (C). It's a simple way to build habits - just three things to focus on with a magical impact that you will feel at the end of 8 weeks.

Here are more details on the ABCs:

Anchor – fully committed to doing this daily as a win for the day and to build confidence in my consistency and habit building skills ex. Making your bed, gratitude practice, closing all your rings, washing your face, reading 10 pages, giving yourself a high-five, drinking all your water.

Bright Light – if I do this daily my life will be notably lighter ex. 30 min Exercise I love, declutter daily, X min of self-care, don’t buy Starbucks, no yelling

Challenge – this is the big one, you aren’t expected to do this daily but if you do – gold star! Ex. a 30 day challenge, a habit that you do consistently 3 days a week that you’d like to increase to 5, cutting back on work hours

Practicing NOT being perfect is important, as so many of us have an "all-or-nothing" mindset. Practicing missing a few Bs and Cs will help build the practice of making progress not being perfect.

Want to test out the model? Check out the FREE 5-6 day challenge.

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